Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again

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Transcription: Factory Diary: Andy Warhol, Geri Miller, Candy Darling at the Factory, c. 1971-72

Running time: 10:34 mins

[unintelligible conversation]

[loud static]

Andy Warhol: Who was it?

Voice one: It was a girl on the phone.

[unintelligible voice]

Andy Warhol: Who?

[unintelligible voice]

Andy Warhol: Oh.

Voice one: Yeah, she's been calling him since ten o'clock this morning.

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice one: Who knows [yawns]

[unintelligible voice]

Voice two: Andy, that boy really looked like he loved me when I came up to the Factory, and you could spot a phony, huh?

[unintelligible voice]

Andy Warhol: What?

Voice three: She made Eric [unintelligible] give back a dirty old shirt just for some rock and roll.

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice two: It was the guy you met, the one who loved me.

Voice three: So you bought a shirt for him?

Voice two: It was his shirt in the first place. I really was wrong giving his shirt away. 

Andy Warhol: So—oh, was that the shirt that Jane had and Fred lost?

Voice two: Yeah, 'cause Eric didn't know where it was. It's like a—

Andy Warhol: Oh, Fred lost it. Fred, he lost it. 

Voice four: Fred Hughes?

Voice two: You mean [unintelligible] gave it to you?

Andy Warhol: Yes, he put it on [unintelligible].

Voice two: Why'd he give it to you?

Voice four: Fred did.

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice two: How'd Jane get it?

Voice four: Jane who?

Voice three: Holzer.

Voice two: Oh, he left it over Jane Holzer's house.

Andy Warhol: No. Jane got it from somebody, because you asked it for him. I don't know if [unintelligible].

Voice two: Jane got the shirt from [unintelligible].

Andy Warhol: I think he gave it to her.

Voice two: Why? Oh 'cause she liked it.

Andy Warhol: No, I think she was coming with to give to Greg—

Voice two: To give to me.

Andy Warhol: And his friend was coming to Paris to meet Eric, and Eric was going to give it to 

you then.

Voice two: Wait a minute, you mean Larissa. 

Andy Warhol: Yeah.

Voice two: I gave Larissa his shirt. Now everything's okay, the shirt she lost is his. I can’t worry about my boyfriend's. See, Eric [unintelligible] has my boyfriend's shirt and in exchange he gave me his. So because I was asking for my boyfriend's shirt back, I gave Eric his, and put it in a box, and gave it to Larissa to bring to him.

Andy Warhol: No, Eric lost…we lost…he lost Eric's shirt.

Voice two: My boyfriend's or Eric's?

Andy Warhol: Your shirt.

Voice two: [gasps] You lost it! 

[unintelligible voice]

Voice two: Oh no.

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice two: He left it in a car?

Andy Warhol: No, it was stolen at a discotheque. 

Voice two: Why did he leave it at a discotheque?

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice two: But why'd Fred leave it in the disco?

Andy Warhol: He didn't leave it, it was just stolen while [unintelligible].

Voice two: But Andy, how could he break up with me if he said he loved me so much? John. He said he [unintelligible]…the one Andy said really loves me. He said he found a girl who goes to college and lives home with her parents, and she's really nice and good. He thinks I'm real bad for doing nudity [unintelligible]. Well that's something. 

Voice four: Who's John?

Voice two: John…[unintelligible]. He loves me. Andy said he does. Hi! I got you a present. Oh, I don't know if you'll like it. [unintelligible].

Voice five: Oh, thank you. Oh, yeah.

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice six: Who was that woman?

Voice seven: Jane Holzer. 

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice two: I hardly have time. 

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice eight: Alright. Alright, apartment three-C, eight PM. And what's the name of the [unintelligible]. 

[unintelligible voice]

Voice eight: What? Z, E, A—

[phone rings] 

Voice eight: Okay. So [unintelligible] just called me, we're having a baby shower for Jane.

[unintelligible voice]

Voice eight: Yeah. He doesn't want me to be on the phone. What? 

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice eight: What? He's on the phone, yeah. So I'll see you then. Okay, have a good time this week. Bye.

[unintelligible voice]

Voice eight: Not the way I look today.

[unintelligible voice]

Voice eight: Oh, can I have a lollipop? 

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice eight: Well, I’ll take it. 

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice eight: Yes, thank you very much. 

[unintelligible conversation]

[phone rings]

Voice eight: [unintelligible singing]

Voice nine: Oh, that song is shit.

Voice eight: Well, everybody loves it. You're the only one. You know, you're opinion does not rule the world. 

Voice nine: That song is shit.

Voice eight: The sun does not rise because [unintelligible]. 

Voice nine: [unintelligible]

Voice eight: [singing] What [unintelligible] dies?

[unintelligible voice]

Voice eight: [singing] Black and blue. I'm white hot. How are you?

Voice ten: [singing] How would you like Club 82.

Voice eight: [singing] What [unintelligible] dies. Turn him on. Drunk driver. All are gone. A man at the  wheel. Mustn't take me into his arms just to break me. I've arms of my own, and men make me awfully tired, uninspired. What [unintelligible] dies. Black and blue. I'm white-hot, how are you? All those idle threats fill our lives with regrets. Not to mention despair. [unintelligible] not mine. What would I call divine? Well they’re mine. What show dies? What show dies? What show dies? 

[unintelligible conversation]

Voice eight: [singing] Oh my magic [unintelligible]. Oh my magic [unintelligible]. Oh my magic has me inspired. Oh my magic [unintelligible]. [unintelligible]. The same old voodoo [unintelligible]. That same [unintelligible] feeling inside. There's [unintelligible] start to [unintelligible]. [speaking] I can't hold it and sing at the same time. 

[unintelligible voice]

Voice eight: [singing] Darlin’, down, down, down I go. Round and round I go, in a spin. Love that spin I'm in, under that old black magic you call love. [speaking] How was that? Oh that's it. 

[unintelligible conversation]