America Is Hard to See

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This audio guide highlights selected works by artists in America Is Hard to See. Curators, scholars, and artists provide additional commentary.

503—Philip Guston, Cabal, 1977


NARRATOR: Artist Carroll Dunham talks about Philip Guston’s painting titled Cabal.

CARROLL DUNHAM: It seems pretty grim. You know? Piles of heads in a very desolate setting. The fact that there's so much white used to delineate the shapes seems like it reinforces this idea of nocturnal atmosphere, and ghostliness. I really think that all his paintings, even the ones that appear to deal with the most particular subjects, are all about evoking a kind of mood space. You know, a psychological and emotional weather, that is carried by the methodology, as much as it is by the images.

NARRATOR: To hear Dunham talk about public reaction to Guston’s work and his influence on other artists, please tap the button to continue. 



Philip Guston (1913-1980), _Cabal_, 1977. Oil on linen, 68 × 116 1/8 in. (172.7 × 295 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; 50th Anniversary gift of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Learsy 81.38 © The Estate of Philip Guston