Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art, 1965–2018

Solo en Inglès

Read transcripts for audio and video works with sound in this exhibition.

Barbara Lattanzi, C-SPAN x 4 – Alphaville, 2004

Running time: 1 min. 33 sec.

Background sounds include: Muffled, suspenseful orchestral music, similar to that of a horror movie.

Speaker 1: Good afternoon. I would like to begin [unintelligible]

Speaker 2: offscreen: Vetting his background to [unintelligible]

Speaker 1: David, I think Commissioner [unintelligible] has addressed this matter. Our focus now is on moving forward to name a new nominee as quickly as possible. That’s where the President is focused right now. We have a thorough vetting process in place. It’s a process that is [unintelligible] a candidate’s profession, personal [unintelligible]. Based on our solid record on nominations, we remain confident in that process.

…committed to the agreement that was reached in Vienna, where heads of United Nations organizations should only serve two terms. 

Speaker 3: offscreen: [unintelligible] You also have a lot of disagreements with him [unintelligible]—

Speaker 1: We work very closely with Dr. [unintelligible] to address proliferation issues and address issues of nuclear weapons programs in countries like Iran and North Korea. We will contin—we will continue to do that during this term.

Speaker 3: offscreen: Would you like him to stay on?

Speaker 1: Our view is to support the agreement that was reached in Vienna, and that is the heads of [unintelligible] organizations should serve two terms. 

Speaker 4: offscreen: [unintelligible]

Speaker 1: offscreen: I’m not certain of—