Whitney Biennial 2014

Solo en Inglès

Kids can hear directly from artists as they talk about the thoughts, processes, and ideas behind their work in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

KEVIN BEASLEY: For the Biennial, I have a pair of sculptures that will exist on the floor that are comprised of a pair of size 18 Jordan's and sleeve inserts from an old coat that I had, from an art handling company, and polyurethane foam and other miscellaneous materials from the studio.

NARRATOR: Kevin Beasley’s materials may be industrial, but sometimes he imagines that they’re organic—like plants or other living forms. At other times, he sees them as being geological, like rocks. He likes mixing raw materials like the foam with super-clean ones like the shoes, because he thinks their feelings might get mixed up in interesting ways. This is the first pair of Air Jordan sneakers that Beasley has ever bought. And they don’t even fit him! He ordered the biggest ones he could find.


Kevin Beasley, _Untitled (Jumped Man)_, 2014 (detail). Polyurethane foam, resin, soil, coat sleeve liners, and pair of Nike Jordan size 18 shoes, 2 pieces: 24 × 16 × 11 in. (61 × 40.6 × 27.9 cm) each. Collection of the artist