Whitney Biennial 2014

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Hear directly from artists as they discuss the thoughts, processes, and ideas behind their work in the 2014 Biennial. The guide also features commentary from Biennial curators Stuart Comer, Anthony Elms, and Michelle Grabner.

209Susan Howe


Susan Howe, _Untitled (from Tom Tit Tot)_, 2013. Letterpress print, 12 × 9 in. (30.5 × 22.9 cm). Collection of the artist. © Susan Howe

ANTHONY ELMS: Susan Howe has been a poet for decades and a well respected poet, and I know many artists turn to her and see her as a kindred spirit to follow her every sort of book and reading. And she actually has an MFA in art. She started as an artist, and became a poet. 


NARRATOR: Anthony Elms has included a series of Howe’s poem collages in the Biennial. They’re meant to be looked at as much as read. Howe made a recording of related works with the musician David Grubbs. It’s called Frolic Architecture.

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