Whitney Biennial 2014

Solo en Inglès

Hear directly from artists as they discuss the thoughts, processes, and ideas behind their work in the 2014 Biennial. The guide also features commentary from Biennial curators Stuart Comer, Anthony Elms, and Michelle Grabner.

304—Lisa Anne Auerbach




For the Biennial I’m going to be exhibiting a large knitted banner that has advice from psychics on it, a Megazine, which has photographs of places where psychics work, and transcripts of my meetings with psychics, three mannequins that have sweaters and other knitted garments on them, and I’m going to be coming out with a new issue of Bookshelf zine, which is a zine about the books on my bookshelf.


I met with a lot of psychics over the course of producing the Megazine that I made. When I was seeing all these psychics I started thinking about how they’re really closer to artists than people give them credit for. They’re just trying to put their ideas out there, one person at a time. 


This is what one of the psychics told me―which I love this idea―is that we’re now in the Age of Aquarius, we’re no longer in the Piscean Age. And the Piscean age was about the age of reason and intellect and now we’re in this age of intuition and information. 


I think that a sweater has a real different feel than a T-shirt because with a sweater the text is part of the fabric and you can’t, can’t wash it off. If you try to take the text off, if you decided you didn’t believe in whatever it said anymore, and you wanted to remove it, you would destroy the whole fabric and the whole sweater would just be a pile of yarn.


I’ve also made a lot of zines and I think that a lot of my work is about publishing in some way, and so this would be another mode of publishing, and a lot of the work is personal and political, in that kind of nexus between the personal and political. So to me it all feels kind of the same.


Lisa Anne Auerbach, (sweater) _We Are All Pussy Riot, We Are All Pussy Galore_, 2013. Wool, Size Medium; (skirt) _SxE Poseur_, 2005. Wool, Size Medium. Collection of the artist; courtesy Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach