Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective

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This audio guide features commentary by artist Jay DeFeo, Dana Miller, curator of the permanent collection, Whitney Museum of American Art, Leah Levy, Director, The Jay DeFeo Trust, Corey Keller, associate curator of photography, San Francisco  Museum of Modern Art, Greil Marcus, writer and critic, Ursula Cipa, and Fred Martin, friends of DeFeo.

Jay DeFeo (1929–1989), Untitled, 1987. Photocopy on paper, 11 x 7 3/8 in. (27.9 x 18.7 cm). The Jay DeFeo Trust, Berkeley, CA. © 2013 The Jay DeFeo Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Image courtesy The Jay DeFeo Trust, Berkeley, CA. Photograph by Ben Blackwell


COREY KELLER: What DeFeo has done here is to perform a very simple act. Is to take a Kleenex box, a tissue box and put it on the platen glass of a photocopy machine.

NARRATOR: Corey Keller.

COREY KELLER: The photocopier operates basically like a camera. But there's something about the way a photocopier works in which something of the three dimensionality of the object that's placed on the glass is preserved.

Works made on a photocopier are both flat and three-dimensional at the same time. In the tissue box, it's very much apparent, the way the void of the hole where the tissues come out becomes very deep, and the texture of the tissue is pronounced, the pleating of the paper. It really highlights those aspects in a way that a straight photograph might not have done.


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