Whitney Biennial 2012

Solo en Inglès

This audio guide allows visitors to hear directly from artists as they discuss the thoughts, processes, and ideas behind their work in the 2012 Whitney Biennial exhibition.

Georgia Sagri (b. 1979), _Μοντέλο της Αντιγόνης_, performance view, May 2011, BQE, Real Fine Arts, Brooklyn © Georgia Sagri; courtesy Real Fine Arts, Brooklyn

GEORGIA SAGRI: My name is Georgia Sagri, in Greek it's Yeorgia Sagri.

NARRATOR: Sagri combines installation and performance. She’ll be using film, video, audio recording, and hosting conversations, all exploring the concept named in the title, Working the No Work. As the exhibition progresses, Sagri will transform the activities and materials generated in this space into a book.

GEORGIA SAGRI: The core theme of the project is the concept Working the No Work, an attempt to counter and exit the exploitation of the human body by capitalism and labor relations.

The attempt is just to think through those ideas of work and what means work and what means salary and what means to be exploited to do certain work or a certain task, or what happens to the body in certain particular spaces or certain particular modes of production.

And when we say “no work,” of course we don't mean “work” as the pleasure of a human being to create things or to make things.

I'm literally using this space and the installation to understand certain things, to understand certain movements, to realize them in space in real time, and figuring out together with the viewers, what is picking up a pen, or what is writing for eight hours, or what is to sit on a chair with that particular figuration of the body, what it means to stand in a queue, what is it to waiting for the bus in the bus stop?

What are all these kinds of moments where we just don't realize them. They’re ways of compromising, you know, ways of compromising into very particular systems of architecture, engineering, movement, relation. So that's basically what I am trying to bring forth.

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