Whitney Biennial 2012

Solo en Inglès

This audio guide allows visitors to hear directly from artists as they discuss the thoughts, processes, and ideas behind their work in the 2012 Whitney Biennial exhibition.

NARRATOR: Here, Lutz Bacher presents a film called What are you Thinking and a sculptural installation—perhaps unsurprisingly titled Baseballs. For this audio guide, Bacher interviewed Alex Zachary of Alex Zachary Peter Currie Gallery about her work. The film, she pointed out to him, reduces the medium’s elements to its most basic components–picture and sound.

ALEX ZACHARY: Picture and sound, but the picture is a regulated fade from black to white and black again. And there’s an audio track, from where? From a film, we don’t know. One has the feeling very soon after beginning to watch it that its content sort of overflows the limits of the three-minute loop very quickly. The central question of “what are you thinking,” and the answer, “I’m thinking of how happy I am,” sort of give rise to an infinite number of narratives that sort of spill out from that call and response, that sort of central question and answer.

NARRATOR: Zachary sees Baseballs as being similar to the film.

ALEX ZACHARY: You don’t have to stretch your imagination very far to think that they look like a sky full of stars, or a vast galaxy. They also look like quarks spinning out of control, or atoms.

LUTZ BACHER: So there’s like a micro and a macro potentiality.

ALEX ZACHARY: There’s something to do with their scale, which I would say applies to the film also—the thing is both infinitely small and infinitely large.