Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s
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Joyce Pensato: Hi, I'm Joyce Pensato, in my studio with my dog Charlie.

Narrator: Joyce Pensato was born in Brooklyn, and has had a studio there in Williamsburg since she graduated from art school in 1979. Her charcoal drawing called Reclining Glove combines her classical training with an interest in her urban surroundings. 

Joyce Pensato: I kind of zoomed into gloves that were on the street, that were lost or something. I connected to gloves, ‘cause they look very like Matisse’s human figure lying on a couch or something. I would pose the glove. You’re looking down at it rather than straight on. And just the way the wrinkles of the glove was so incredible to me, you know, so human. Like that might be a fifty year old person.

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