America Is Hard to See
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For kids

Kids can listen and learn from this audio guide highlighting selected works in America Is Hard to See.

Stand right in front of Lee Krasner’s The Seasons. Take a long look and follow those brightly colored, sweeping lines with your eyes.
Lee Krasner once said, "I like a canvas to breathe and be alive.” What kind of living, organic thing does The Seasons remind you of? Do you see fruit or vegetables?
Next, pick up an imaginary paintbrush. Slowly move your arm as if you were painting The Seasons. Lift your arm up and bring it around the full edge of the big round shapes. Let the rhythm of the brushstrokes move your arms wide and full. If you kept your arm close to your side you would get a very different painting.
Now, look around at the other works in this gallery. Can you find another painting where you can imagine the movement that the artist made? How about one where the artist moved fast? Or very carefully?

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