Whitney Biennial 2014
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For kids

Kids can hear directly from artists as they talk about the thoughts, processes, and ideas behind their work in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

NARRATOR: Walk around Sheila Hicks’s large, colorful fiber sculpture. The artist made this specifically for this space at the Whitney―she wanted to create a sculpture that would pour from the ceiling, hit the floor, and seem like it was alive. Here is how Hicks describes the process of making her oversize sculpture:


SHEILA HICKS: I work with lines, and I draw in space. I walk around and pull the lines, and intersect the lines, sometimes attach the lines to each other, physically. It is amazing. It's almost like the flight of a bee that flies around and gathers pollen. I move around and gather ideas, and then lock them together in a linear, moving, crisscrossing, weaving.


There are many colors, and as the colors swim in and out of each other, watch and see if you can find where they swim in and where they swim out.


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