August 10, 2011
My Turn: Title TK Meets Danny Goldberg

Title TK is a band consisting of artist/musicians Cory Arcangel, Howie Chen, and Alan Licht. Danny Goldberg is a legendary music mogul. This unscripted conversation covers the twists and turns of music culture over the last fifty years. Goldberg has had a long and distinguished career since the late 1960s, ranging from personal manager, record company president, public relations man, and music journalist. Among other things, he served as Chairman and CEO of Mercury Records Group and of Warner Bros. Records, was Vice President of Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records, and managed The Allman Brothers, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and the Beastie Boys. Title TK is a “banter prone” band which Arcangel, Chen, and Licht describe as “a cross between David Antin and Spinal Tap.”

This program is part of the My Turn public programs series. For Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools, My Turn invited Arcangel to create programs for the Whitney’s public that are an extension of and informed by his own artistic processes and methods.

  • From left Danny Goldberg and Cory Arcangel. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke
  • Cory Arcangel. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke
  • Danny Goldberg. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke
  • Howie Chen. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke
  • Alan Licht. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke