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Jeff Koons, Hulk (Organ), 2004–14

407—Jeff Koons, Hulk (Organ), 2004–14


NARRATOR: Koon’s Hulk (Organ) is a real, working organ, though it is not meant to be played in this exhibition. As Koons explains, it’s extremely loud. 

JEFF KOONS: For the Hulk Organ, I worked with the organ builder who made the organ for the Disney concert hall. The organ's as loud as a helicopter and there's no volume control. For the sound of the organ, I did not want something that made beautiful sound and perfect pitch, but . . . and it doesn't have every key. I would play for him a race car, the sound of a race car called the Tijuana Taxi. [makes percussive noises] 

But I wanted to make a body of work that could have a dialogue between Eastern and Western culture. That you could look at the Hulk and you could think of the Western cartoon figure of the Hulk. A symbol of somebody powerful.

But at the same time you could think of Eastern guardian gods. These gods that'll greet you at a temple. They're there as a protector, but at the same time they can become very, very violent and just tear the house down. The Hulks are like that, they're really high-testosterone symbols.

Jeff Koons, _Hulk (Organ)_, 2004–14. Polychromed bronze and mixed media; 93 1⁄2 x 48 5⁄8 x 27 7⁄8 in. (237.5 x 123.5 x 70.8 cm). The Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica. © Jeff Koons