2015–2016 Teacher Exchange

About the Participants

Teachers posing with the artist

2015-2016 Teacher Exchange participants with artist Caitlin Keogh and Educaiton staff, March 2016. Photograph by Andrew Kist

John Colin  

John has been a special education teacher for fifteen years. He became a teacher through the New York City Teaching Fellows program. John first taught an eighth grade self-contained class at a District 75 middle school for three years. He then became a lead teacher of ninth and tenth grade integrated algebra as part of a collaborative team teaching class. He currently works with a ninth grade self-contained class at a community school.

Karlene Foster-Egan

Karlene has taught elementary school in New York City for over a decade.  She currently teaches a grade 4 Gifted and Talented class at PS 33 Chelsea Prep.   She believes that integrating art into the curriculum is essential in educating the whole child and nurturing their creativity and voice.

Pamela Hallsson

Pamela has taught in New York City since 2008. She is currently teaching at a public high school where she has developed science and art curriculum. She earned bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Art at DeKalb University, Illinois and a Masters of Education from Hunter College, New York. She puts a student’s need to experiment with his or her environment at the center of all her lessons, incorporating her strong passion for nature and exploration into her teaching. 

Angela Hines

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Angela is a fifth grade teacher at Village Community School. For the past eleven years, she has designed and taught social studies curricula for grades 3-5. She and her fifth-graders are currently engaged in a yearlong investigation of the art and culture of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Nubia. Angela is excited by history, and she appreciates opportunities to discover evidence of ancient and enduring themes in contemporary art.

Ria Kominos

For the past thirteen years, Ria has taught elementary school in New York City.  She became a teacher through the New York City Teaching Fellows program. Ria currently teaches kindergarten at a public school in Manhattan.  She believes that discussing works of art with children helps develop their vocabulary and communication skills.  Ria also feels that the emotional and intellectual impact from studying art can inspire people of all ages.

Melicca McCormick

Melicca has worked for eighteen years at the New York City Lab Middle School, where she teaches eighth grade humanities. She uses artwork to inspire creative writing and to provide background knowledge about specific time periods in American history. She loves visiting museums with students to provide them with inspiration as they construct their own exhibits in the classroom.

Isaac Mills

Isaac is the dean of students and teacher for English language learners at a small high school in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. He is currently pursuing a career as an administrator of education. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2000 and a Masters degree from Salisbury University in 2006. As an educator, Isaac experiences most joy helping young people in pursuit of their dreams.

Dylan Ravdin 

Dylan is in his fourth year teaching Humanities and occasional science classes at Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (LoMA) on the Lower East Side, where he fosters an atmosphere to make his students as nerdy as he is. In the classroom, he has worked with his colleagues to integrate the arts into his curriculum, and has subsequently gained an appreciation. This year, he began working with LoMA's Drama department as a tech advisor. This and his work with the Whitney have brought out his creative side.

Eric Stanton

Eric is in his tenth year of teaching, currently at a public school in Manhattan. He previously taught in the South Bronx, Panama, Honduras and California. His main teaching subject is social studies, but he also taught English, biology, math and physical education. In his classes, students are often learning from primary texts and artifacts. Eric believes that an understanding of artistic processes, skills and thought are integral to understanding history.

Stefanie Victor

Stefanie began teaching visual art at Grace Church School when the high school opened in 2012. She worked collaboratively with colleagues to build the visual arts program and continues to experiment with ways to teach and make art with students. Stefanie was an adjunct professor at Trinity College and Housatonic Community College in Connecticut. Stefanie is also an artist. Recent projects were included in Greater New York at MoMA PS1 and at Four A.M.

Cynthia Womersley

Cynthia has worked at PS3 for twelve years. She also taught in Los Angeles, California and at PS 97. She currently works with 4th graders and loves to integrate visual art into her curriculum, whether it is math, science, writing, or social studies. Cynthia has a background in music as a singer, and art as a portrait artist. She believes in the importance of keeping the arts at the forefront of her teaching. 



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