Art Supplies

Dick Blick
Dick Blick sells art supplies online and offers catalogues and retail store information.

Order arts and crafts materials online, or request a catalogue.

New York Central Art Supply 

New York Central offers an array of art materials including a variety of paints, papers, and brushes. You can request a catalogue on the website, or ask a question about specific materials.

Sax Arts & Crafts
You can order online, call in, or request a catalogue.

Browse the online catalogue, see daily specials, order a catalogue, or search Utrecht’s store locator for a store near you.

metal baking tins holding art supplies

Colorful art supplies. Photograph by Adam Wickersham

Art Links

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts online activities for kids and families

Images and information about works of art in the Guggenheim Museum's collection

Images and information about works of art in the Museum of Modern Art's collection

Designed by the Museum of Modern Art for children ages five to eight, this site features a visitor from outer space who is sent to earth on a mission to explore modern art.

The National Gallery of Art's site provides information and interactive projects for kids and families.

The Smithsonian's site for kids and families offers art, science, games, information, and other activities.


child on laptop drawing artwork

A participant making a pixelated drawing during Artist's Choice Art Workshop with Cory Arcangel, 2009. Photograph by Stina Puotinen


A selection of art books specially for kids

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