Artist On-site: Zoe Strauss

The artist talks about her photos in the gallery

Zoe Strauss with families in the galleries. Photograph by Stina Puotinen

Last weekend, Family Programs was thrilled to host fabulous photographer Zoe Strauss for our first Artist’s Choice Workshop of the season. Zoe led a group of families through the exhibition Roni Horn aka Roni Hornexploring Horn’s photographs, drawings, and sculptures in relation to her own work and process.

A child taking a photography outside

A workshop participant taking pictures, November 7, 2009. Photograph by Stina Puotinen

Families were handed digital cameras and worked in pairs for a given amount of time to take their own pictures in the non-gallery spaces of the museum such as the lobby or shop. Each family ended up with five printed images of their own, and created a final piece incorporating a portrait of themselves taken by Zoe at the start of the workshop.

The artist's photo art of people

Zoe Strauss's portraits of workshop participants, November 7, 2009. Photograph by Stina Puotinen

Photographs from the workshop will be coming soon to our Artist's Choice workshop page. Meanwhile, check out Zoe's blog post about the workshop and see what she is working on now!

By Stina Puotinen