Kids Stay Cool at the Whitney this Summer

A child plays while looking in the mirror

Interacting with Dan Graham's work in the exhibition, _Dan Graham: Beyond_. Photograph by Nick Schiarizzi

Looking for a way to beat the heat this summer? Come inside and enjoy some kid-friendly contemporary art at the Whitney! Sculptures by Claes Oldenburg on the second floor spark the imagination with a huge BLT, some soft French fries with ketchup, and a larger-than-life vinyl toilet! Kids love to look at these everyday objects made big, and the drawings that inspired them. Also on view and recently restored, Oldenburg's enormous Ice Bag—Scale C from 1971 expands, twists, and turns on a timed cycle, to the delight of kid and adult viewers.

On the fourth floor, the exhibition Dan Graham: Beyond is the surprise kid pleaser, with huge mirrored interactive pavilions and installations to explore. Little hands can be kept busy in the Girls' Makeup Room, which features a mirror you can hold, and even some lipstick to apply—if you dare. Graham's pavilions throughout the exhibition provide lots of mirrors for mugging and dancing around, and create a carnival-mirror effect for the viewer, distorting sizes and shapes in their reflections.

There's fun for families to be had on every floor of the Whitney! Come inside and see what we have to offer.