WhitneyKids Punk Rock!

A boy with temporary tattoos wears sunglasses

A young punk rocker adding another tattoo to his collection. Photograph by Nick Schiarizzi

Thanks to all the families who came out and rocked out at WhitneyKids Punk Rock! on Saturday, July 11th! It was a great way to celebrate a really amazing exhibition, Dan Graham: Beyond. We saw so many kids covered in fake rock and roll tattoos all over the museum; checking out the pavilions in the galleries, watching animated films that were inspired by and inspirational to Dan Graham, and making their own comic book ‘zines. Kids big and small were bouncing around to the rocking tunes of Japanther. The band collaborated with the Whitney to create a revised version of one of Dan Graham’s pavilions, a “skate pavilion” which they installed outside in the sculpture court.

After a bit of a slow start getting the band and their skate ramp set up, Ian Vanek and Matt Reily really put on an amazing show. Their friend and professional biker Darryl Nau / BLACKEN, went crazy all afternoon, doing flips, turns and all sorts of other awesome BMX tricks while the band played. Even Matt, the bassist, got on his own skateboard and did some tricks for the crowd after the set. All the kids went home with their very own pair of neon green sunglasses, to keep them looking and feeling cool long after the event. We hope to see you at our fall Family Day event on Saturday, October 3rd in celebration of the exhibition Georgia O'Keeffe: Abstraction. Save the date!