Postcards From the Edge

Georgia O'Keeffe wrote many letters to friends and family, and they have been an important research tool for the Whitney's exhibition. As a follow up to the Family Day event, we asked kids and parents to write postcards to friends and family about their experience with the exhibition, artists, and activities, inspired by O'Keeffe's own letter writing. Here are a few memorable quotes:

I saw splatter paint. I made broccoli. We saw a lily pad picture by Georgia O'Keeffe. I saw abstract pictures. —Sydney

I like the fifth floor. I bought a bottle of lemonade. —Unknown

We have a new free broccoli plant and we will take very good care of it! We saw the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit. —Aivy and Khai

I like the coloring on the pink moon. —Gillian

I saw the clouds number one and two but not number three! I loved it we also got food! —Claire

We had soo much fun! We went to a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit. We heard about abstract and how they were made. Hope you can come soon. —Bela

Yo Unc. Bob it's a art museum card it's cool and awesome. —Joshua

Today we went to a museum. It was very fun. I hope you have had fun recently. We planted a plant, saw art by Georgia O'Keeffe and mailed a letter! —Emma

We did a lot of stuff today. We rode buses and we planted a plant. —Leo

Dear ________, I've sent you some lettuce and beets in a separate bag because I want you to eat more veggies. —Unknown

Hey ________, Guess what we did while you were playing baseball? We got to see awesome paintings and sculptures. We did some really fun activities, not to mention eating the best hamburgers, fries, milkshakes and ice cream! EVER! —Unknown.

By Stina Puotinen