Corin and Karen Hewitt

February 7, 2009

Corin and Karen Hewitt in galleries, 2009. Photograph by Paula Santos

Corin Hewitt often combines photography, installation, and performance and takes up residence in gallery spaces to realize his work. Hewitt’s Seed Stage installation in the Whitney's lobby gallery involved materials such as clay, worms, and compost. For this workshop, he teamed up with his mother, Karen Hewitt, a toy designer and educator. Together, the mother-and-son duo explored Alexander Calder's toy sculptures with families in the exhibition, Alexander Calder: The Paris Years, 1926-1933, and led a hands-on activity exploring toy design, movement, and function.

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  • The artists lead a workshop

    Photographs by Paula Santos

  • People collaborate at the workshop

    Photographs by Paula Santos

  • An artist talks to kids

    Photograph by Paula Santos

  • The artist interacts with workshop participants.

    Photographs by Paula Santos

  • A family makes art.

    Photographs by Paula Santos

  • Kids work on an art project.

    Photographs by Paula Santos

  • Families in the gallery.

    Photographs by Paula Santos

  • An artist works with a child.

    Photographs by Paula Santos

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