Welcome Baby Whitney
Nov 13, 2012

A baby next to a model of the Whitney Museum

Baby Whitney and the Whitney Museum, November 2012. Photograph by Margaret Yang

Amid the recent storm turmoil, we were thrilled to receive the news that baby Whitney Hyun-Joo Yang was born on Sunday, October 28. Her parents—Margaret and Austin Yang—first met eleven years ago while working in the Whitney’s Education Department. Margaret was the Youth Insights Program Assistant and Austin was the Education Assistant. Unknown to most of the Education staff, their secret summer romance flourished in 2001 over iced coffees at Marché Madison and Summer Stage in Central Park. Margaret and Austin have since relocated to the West Coast.

“When we found out we were having a girl, we knew that we wanted to name her Whitney. Not only is it a great tribute to where our relationship began, but we love that she will share the namesake of a strong female pioneer of American Art.” said Austin.

As Whitney came into the world on the same day the San Francisco (formerly New York) Giants swept the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series, her father hopes that she will share a love of the arts and be a baseball aficionado for life, just like him. We hope that she and her parents will visit us soon, and we are delighted that Whitney will definitely be a lifelong fan of her namesake Museum! 

By Dina Helal, Manager of Interpretation and Interactive Media