Whitney Educator Training
Sep 27, 2016

A group discussion in an art gallery.

Whitney educators discuss a work of art in the galleries, September 2016. Photograph by Heather Maxson

This September, the Whitney’s Education department  held a week-long training  for the Museum’s staff and educators working in School, Family, Access, and Community programs. The training program focused on the Whitney’s approach to inquiry based teaching. Whitney educators discussed developmental theories and experimented with different strategies and activities for engaging diverse audiences with the Museum’s collection and exhibitions.

Educators learned techniques for engaging audiences including special needs students, English language learners, and students in ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) classes. Through a combination of theoretical discussions and hands-on learning in the galleries, educators created, refined, and taught lesson plans in Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection.

Teachers and museum staff sit on the gallery floor for an interactive event.

Whitney staff and educators try out an activity in the galleries, September 2016. Photograph by Heather Maxson

Jamie Rosenfeld, Coordinator of School and Educator Programs commented on the training: “We want educators and staff to adopt a spirit of learning and sharing, and we are working to build collaboration and reflection within our team. This week-long intensive underscored our commitment to these practices.”

 By Zain Al Saie, Interpretation Intern