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Create a Visual Narrative
  Using Storyboards
Here we’ve included two storyboards. You can print out and use these storyboards to plan your own  digital or egg tempera narratives.

This storyboard looks like a blank cartoon or comic strip. Use it to plan a story that starts at the beginning then goes to the middle and then the end. One event takes place after another.

This storyboard looks like the story could go any which way.
Use it to plan a story that has no beginning, middle, or end. It could be a story where events go back and forth, around in a circle, or fan out from the center like a spider web.

As you plan your storyboard, think about the place, time, event or series of events that happened.
  1. What was the event?
  2. What was your relationship to the event?
  3. Did the event include other people? Who?
  4. What moment do you remember most about this event? Why?
  5. How did you feel during the event?
  6. How will you tell the story in pictures and words?

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