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  Paint Your Story!

If you want to plan your story offline, click here to find two printable  storyboards.


Plan your picture first. Draw your image on the panel. Use charcoal or a thin brush and your tempera paint. Do not use a pencil unless you want your drawing to show through.

2. Work out the order in which you will mix and use your colors. Write it down on a piece of paper.

3. Place a small amount of each pigment paste in a row along the sides of your palette. Use an eye dropper to place some egg yolk binder on your palette near the row of pigments. Use the space in the center of your palette to mix a small amount of egg binder with the pigment colors. Always have a little more binder than pigment in the mixture.

4. Fill a jar with distilled water and keep it nearby in case you need to thin your mixed paints.

5. Apply your paint colors in thin layers. Thick layers will not stick to the panel! Brush the paint onto the panel in single strokes and in one direction.

6. Egg tempera paint dries fast, but do not paint over the same area immediately. To avoid a clogged effect, work on another part of the panel first.

7. Use a variety of brushes and experiment with different paint strokes.

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