Kara Walker - A Work on Progress

Kara Walker, A Work on Progress, 1998. Cut paper on wall, 69 x 80 in. (175.3 x 203.2 cm). Collection of Judie and Howard Ganek


Learning at Whitney

Explore additional resources, through Kara Walker's Exodus of Confederates From Atlanta, LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies.


Articles and Reviews

The New Yorker - "Shades of Meaning", a slide show of the artist's works.

Time - Kara Walker as featured in the Time 100 Most Influential People in the World issue.

New York Magazine - An article profiling Kara Walker and her work.

New York Magazine - Jerry Saltz's review, "An Explosion of Color, in Black and White".

The New York Times - Holland Cotter reviews Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love in "Black and White, but Never Simple".

The New York Times - "Silhouettes and Film", a slide show of selected works from the exhibition.

Newsday - "Review: Kara Walker at the Whitney Museum" by Ariella Budick.

Bloomberg News - "Kara Walker's Silhouettes Tell Tales of Sex, Race, and White Power" by Linda Yablonsky.

The Washington Post - "Symbols of Hatred in the Shadows" by Robin Givhan.

The Columbia Daily Spectator - "At Any Age, Walker Still Packs a Punch" by Merrell Hambleton.

Slate.com - Slate Slide Show: "The Anti-Oprah".


General Information

Walker Art Center - The museum which organized Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love.

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. - Sikkema Jenkins & Co. is a contemporary art gallery that represents Kara Walker.

PBS art:21 - Kara Walker featured on Art in the Twenty-First Century, a PBS documentary series about contemporary visual art in America and the artists who make it.

PBS.org - Culture Shock: You Decide: The Art of Kara Walker is a web activity that asks you to consider art, which deals with issues of race, sex, and stereotypes.

WNYC - Kara Walker welcomed New York Public Radio's Helga Davis into her studio, for a casual conversation about her life and work.

NPR - Artist Forces Racism out of the Shadows by Marianne Combs.

The New York Sun - New York Sun Video: Kara Walker at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

In the Blogs

Time Blog - "Kara Walker at the Whitney".

Sojournals - "Whitney Museum | Kara Walker: My Compliment, My Enemy, My Opprssor, My Love".

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My Life is a Stereo - "Repicturing the Past".

Oh Liza Jane - "Sketchbook 2".

I heart art - "Book Review: Kara Walker's After the Deluge".

thisisby.us - "Kara Walker: Race, Sexuality, Fantasy, Irony, and Controversy in the Art World".

canwebefrank.com - "Kara Walker Exhibit Opens at the Whitney".

Soulgoddess - "Finding My Voicie".

Kara Walker, You Do, (Detail), 1993-94. Cut Paper on canvas, 55 x 49 in. (140 x 124.5 cm). Collections of Peter Norton and Eileen Harris Norton. Photography courtesy the artist and Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York