Articles and Reviews

The New York Times - "The Well-Shaped Phrase as Art" by Roberta Smith.

The New York Times - A slide show of selected works from LAWRENCE WEINER: AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE.

Time Out - "Lawrence Weiner: As Far As The Eye Can See: A pioneering conceptualist finally gets a U.S. retrospective" by Howard Halle.

Bomb Magazine - An interview with Lawrence Weiner by Marjorie Welish.

The New York Times - "Language as Sculpture, Words as Clay" by Randy Kennedy.

General Information

Walker Art Center - Homeport project.

Lawrence Weiner in Conversation with Judith Hoffberg on Books - What has happened to artist books since the 60s?

Public Art Fund Projects - Lawrence Weiner, NYC Manhole Covers.

The UBUWEB - Anthology of Conceptual Writing: Lawrence Weiner, Tracce/Traces (Turin:Sperone, 1970).

Learning at Whitney

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