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Silhouetted figures against neon lights in a gallery
Visitors in the exhibition Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016. Photograph by Matthew Carasella
Visitors on the high line
Whitney Museum of American Art. Photograph by Nic Lehoux


A Marisol sculpture of three women, a child, and a dog
A Lorna Simpson photograph of a woman's back
A red, abstract painting by Alma Thomas
A painting of Jack Dempsey and Luis Firpo by George Bellows
Two works by Mike Kelley, a blanket with stuffed toys and a pedestal with wax candles
An abstract work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hollywood Africans

The Whitney’s collection contains some of the most significant and exciting work created by artists in the United States during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.