Public Programs: Open Studio, Afternoons with Artists

Engage with Biennial artists and their work in the galleries through performance and public participation. Open Studio programs are free with Museum admission and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Marina Rosenfeld»

Friday, March 14, 2 pm
Rosenfeld’s composed musical performances juxtapose the visual, the improvisational, and the sonic to explore her self-described “interest in music as a form of social life . . . [where] the collective and the personal are inextricable.”
This event will take place at Park Avenue Armory.
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Mika Tajima / New Humans»

Wednesday, March 19, 2 pm
New Humans, a collaborative founded by Tajima with Howie Chen, functions as an extension of Tajima’s visual art practice into installations, video, and sound recordings.
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Michael Smith»

Friday, March 28, 2 pm
In live and on-screen portrayals of his alter ego, “Mike,” Smith highlights the plight of the stereotypical American man in a world complicated by technology, aging, and pop culture.
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Kevin Jerome Everson»

Friday, April 4, 2 pm
Filmmaker Everson frequently utilizes archival or found footage to respond “to daily materials, conditions, tasks, and/or gestures of people of African descent.”
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Rashawn Griffin»

Friday, April 11, 3 pm
New York-based Griffin creates melancholic assemblages of personal effects, found objects, and organic materials to shape narrative architectural landscapes within the gallery space.
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Carol Bove»

Friday, April 18, 2 pm
“I have a sense of history being contained by objects,” says Bove, whose shelf-based displays and room-sized environments of found and made objects subtly evoke the concomitant narratives of the 1960s.
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Gretchen Skogerson»

Friday, April 25, 2 pm
Skogerson’s video work and interactive installations include DRIVE THRU (2006) and The American Disaster Series, an ongoing group of abstract, experimental shorts that, according to the artist, “reflect a portion of the unease within the contemporary American psyche.”
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Phoebe Washburn»

Friday, May 2, 2 pm
Washburn’s large-scale installations recycle scavenged industrial materials to recast exhibition spaces as inventive architectural environments and absurd self-contained ecosystems.
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Adam Putnam»

Friday, May 9, 2 pm
Putnam’s recent installations orchestrate the interplay between shadow and light, using various projection techniques to manipulate space and stage architectural interventions.
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Matthew Brannon»

Friday, May 16, 2 pm
Negotiating the liminal space between art and design, Brannon’s language-driven print works and architectural installations appropriate the iconography of urban life and negotiate the creation of meaning in consumer culture.
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Amie Siegel»

Friday, May 23, 2 pm
Described as “uncanny reflections on absence, historical disorientation and nostalgia,” the conceptual films and multichannel installations of Berlin-and New York-based Siegel investigate how memory and identity are influenced by a sense of place.
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Jennifer Montgomery»

Friday, May 30, 2 pm
Montgomery’s most recent work addresses the discontinuation of Kodachrome Super 8 stock and the impending obsolescence of film technology to explore memory, loss, and personal histories.
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