Fritz Haeg's Animal Estates 1.0

Museum Movements: Inspired by the twelve native New York animal clients in Haeg’s installation Animal Estates 1.0: New York, New York, twelve movement artists wrote Animal Scores for contiguous spaces in the Whitney. Each week throughout the Biennial, one dancer performs a silent “tour” of the Museum, enacting all twelve scores.

Sundown Schoolhouse: Following each Animal Score, a Guided Estate Tour, led by a local scientist, historian, artist, writer, or musician, focuses sequentially on each of the animal clients.

Guided Estate Tours begin in the Lobby at approximately 1 pm
Space is limited; all programs are first-come, first-served unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, March 6
Animal Score: Flora Weigman.
Guided Estate Tour: Opossum with Deborah Simon

Wednesday, March 12
Animal Score: Jmy Leary.
Guided Estate Tour: Big Brown Bat with Erica Browne

Wednesday, March 19
Animal Score: Paige Gratland.
Guided Estate Tour: Eastern Tiger Salamander with Jeremy Feinberg

Wednesday, March 26
Guided Estate Tour: Mason Bee with Liz Johnson

Wednesday, April 2
Guided Estate Tour: Northern Flying Squirrel with Emily Lacy

Wednesday, April 9
Guided Estate Tour: Barn owl with Margaret Mittelbach

Sunday, April 20
Guided Estate Tour: Eastern Mud Turtle with Michael Crewdson

Sunday, April 27
Guided Estate Tour: Wood Duck with Damon Rich

Sunday, May 4
Guided Estate Tour: Beaver with Eric Sanderson

Sunday, May 11
Guided Estate Tour: Bobcat with K8 Hardy

Sunday, May 18
Guided Estate Tour: Purple Martin with Jennifer Monson

Sunday, May 25
Guided Estate Tour: Bald Eagle with Emily Scott