Daily Film Screenings


Kevin Jerome Everson»

Emergency Needs, 2007; 16mm film, color, sound; 7 min.
11:20 am (Friday 1:20 pm)
Everson presents archival footage from a news conference held in response to the 1968 Cleveland race riots alongside its re-enactment. Courtesy Picture Palace Pictures

Robert Fenz »

Crossings, 2006-07; 16mm film, color, sound and silent; 10 min.
11:30 am (Friday 1:30 pm)
Filming the U.S.-Mexican border using strobelike effects, Fenz highlights the structure’s surprising formal beauty while also evoking its more hostile connotations.

Gretchen Skogerson»

DRIVE THRU, 2006; High-definition video, color, sound; 20 min.
11:50 am (Friday 1:50 pm)
Skogerson takes elegiac stock of the damage inflicted on the Florida coast by Hurricane Ivan in a series of nocturnal scenes with broken neon lights.

Coco Fusco»

Operation Atropos, 2006; Video, color, sound; 59 min.
12:15 pm (Friday 2:15 pm)
Documenting her participation in a course designed to prepare civilians for the “psychology of torture,” Fusco’s film probes the mechanics and ethics of interrogation.

Leslie Thornton»

Let Me Count the Ways 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 6, 2004 – ; Video, color, sound; 22 min.
1:20 pm (Friday 3:20 pm)
Thornton’s episodic work reflects on anxiety, trauma, and culpability, using past warfare to contemplate contemporary politics. Courtesy Drift International and Electronic Arts Intermix

Jennifer Mongtomery»

Notes on the Death of Kodachrome, 1990 - 2006; Video, color, sound; 52 min.
1:50 pm (Friday 3:50 pm)
Celluloid aficionado Montgomery takes the discontinuation of Kodachrome film stock as impetus to embark on a trip across the country that includes visits with filmmakers Lisa Cholodenko and Todd Haynes.

Michael Smith»

Portal Excursion, 2005 - 07; Digital video, color, sound; 10 min.
2:50 pm (Friday 4:50 pm)
Everyman “Mike,” Smith’s eponymous performance persona in works and videos made since the late 1970s, finds invigorated hope for success in the form of educational shareware and online learning courses. Produced by Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT; courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix

Corey McCorkle»

March, 2008; High-definition video, color, sound; approx. 10 min.
3:10 pm (Friday 5:10 pm)
Featuring the Knickerbocker Greys, a paramilitary drill club for children that has practiced at the Park Avenue Armory since 1881, McCorkle’s film explores their weekly pageant within the neo-gothic interiors of the historic building. Produced by Art Production Fund, Jennifer and Curt Conklin, and Maccarone, Inc.; courtesy Maccarone, Inc.

Amie Siegel»

RDD/DDR, 2008; Super 16 film and high-definition video transferred to high-definition video, color, sound; approx. 135 min.
3:30 pm (Friday 5:30 pm)
Siegel’s concern with cultural memory, identity, and the cinematic portrayal of place centers on the former East German state, investigating Stasi surveillance, filmmaking, collective therapy, and “Indian hobbyists.”


Natalia Almada»

Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side), 2005; Digital video, color, sound; 66 min.
11:20 am (Friday 1:20 pm)
Interweaving stories revolving around corrido music, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration present a candid portrayal of U.S.-Mexican border politics and cultural exchange. Co-produced by P.O.V. /American Documentary Inc. Educational distribution by Cinema Tropical

William E. Jones»

Tearoom, 1962/2007; 16mm film transferred to video, color, silent; 56 min.
12:30 pm (Friday 2:30 pm)
Jones culls found footage of sexual interactions between men in a public restroom shot by a hidden police camera in the early 1960s. Courtesy David Kordansky Gallery

Spike Lee»

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, 2006; Video, color, sound; 255 min.
1:30 pm (Friday 3:30 pm)
Lee’s chronicling of Hurricane Katrina presents a scathing indictment of the slow emergency response to the disaster in New Orleans in 2005. Courtesy Home Box Office, Inc.