Previews and Artist Profiles


Audio: “Coat Check Chimes” NPR’s Studio 360 explores Mungo Thomson’s Biennial installation for the Whitney coat check room -, May 9, 2008

Video: Mika Rottenberg discusses her 2008 Biennial installation "Cheese"–, Mar 24, 2008

Video: A walk-through of the 2008 Biennial with the exhibition designer, Mark Steigelman –, Mar 15, 2008

Video: Time Magazine's Richard Lacayo reviews the 2008 Whitney Biennial –, Mar 11, 2008

Video: A visit to Olaf Breuning's Manhattan studio as he prepares his two-part installation for the 2008 Biennial –, Mar 10, 2008

Video: An interactive guide to the Biennial with 360-degree panoramic photographs and audio narration by New York Times art critic Holland Cotter

Video: NY1 preview of the Biennial

Video: “Whitney Biennial 2008: Curators’ Take”T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Mar 5, 2008

Audio: “The Whitney Biennial Opens: a look at the logistics of putting the show together / exhibition review by Lee Rosenbaum” –, Mar 5, 2008

Video: "Everday Matters"– Anna Mecugni interviews Phoebe Washburn

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"Time / Stop / Time: the 2008 Whitney Biennial: Part Two" - ArtsEditor, Mar 26, 2008

"Lessness: The Whitney Biennial"The New Yorker, Mar 17, 2008

"The Whitney Biennial Perennial"Time Magazine, Mar 13, 2008

“Indelible Impressions: At the Whitney Biennial, Several Artists' Works Linger in Memory”The Washington Post, Mar 7, 2008

“10 Others to Seek Out at the Whitney Biennial”The Washington Post, Mar 7, 2008

“Goat Farm, Milkmaids Entertain at Whitney Biennial”Bloomberg News, Mar 7, 2008

“Art’s Economic Indicator”The New York Times, Mar 7, 2008

“The Fine Art of Less: The 2008 Whitney Biennial Focuses on Fewer Artists and Timeless Statements”The Wall Street Journal, Mar 7, 2008

“Post-grief art: 2008 Whitney Biennial moves past anti-war commentary”The Star-Ledger, Mar 6, 2008

“Whitney Biennial Has Adopted A Boho Vibe”The New York Sun, Mar 5, 2008

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“Gap Turns T-Shirts into an Art Form”-- USA Today, May 15, 2008

“Defining the Whitney Biennial: A Cultural Conversation with Donna De Salvo”The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2008

Interview with Henriette Huldisch and Shamim M. Momin -, Mar 19, 2008

"More Talk With: The Curators of the Whitney Biennial" – Time Magazine blog, Mar 11, 2008

“Artist as Therapist Burrows Into the Psyche of New York” (profile of Biennial Artist Bert Rodriguez) – The New York Times, Mar 7, 2008

“Henriette Huldisch and Shamim M. Momin on Curating the Whitney Biennial” –, Mar 6, 2008

"A Talk With: The Curators of the Whitney Biennial"Time Magazine blog, Mar 6, 2008

Biennial Opening Night Preview Photos –, Mar 5, 2008

“To the Armory! Art Production Fund helps the Whitney Museum expand the 2008 Biennial”Village Voice, March 5, 2008

“Video-Sampling Syria: Global Politics from a Ground’s-Eye View” (profile of Biennial artists Julia Meltzer and David Thorne) – The New York Times, Mar 5, 2008

“The Best of the Biennial” –, Mar 5, 2008

"Unsettling, in a Funny Sort of Way" (profile of Biennial artists Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge) - The New York Times, March 2, 2008

"A Biennial Bustin' Out of the Whitney" - The New York Times, Feb 29, 2008

"The Facebook Biennial: How social networks have taken over this year's Whitney festivities." - New York magazine, Feb 29, 2008

"The Biennial Annex: Tequila. Dancing. Heavy-metal nuptials." - New York magazine, Feb 29, 2008

"Contemporary Art and Animal Heads" - The New York Sun, Feb 28, 2008

"Curatorial Charge: the 2008 Whitney Biennial: Part One" - ArtsEditor, Feb 18, 2008

"Whitney Biennial Stretches to Armory" - The New York Times, Nov 16, 2007

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