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Narrator: When DeFeo made The Eyes, she was thinking about vision in a deep, almost prophetic sense—imagining what would come next for her as an artist. She spoke about the drawing in 1980. 

Jay DeFeo: It was a very important drawing for me to do. It was almost a kind of visionary experience for me, as though I were seeing from the inside out. 

Narrator: Leah Levy is Director and Co-Trustee of the Jay DeFeo Trust in Berkeley, California. 

Leah Levy: This drawing is of Jay DeFeo's own eyes. It's done at a very large scale, and she used a small photograph of her own eyes as a model for this. The vertical marks are kind of a scrim or a veil. We don't specifically know what she was thinking or what they represent, but they turn it from a realistic or almost super realistic drawing into something that's not only more mysterious, but that's more visionary, that's more otherworldly.

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