Andy Warhol
Nov 2018–

Few American artists are as ever-present and instantly recognizable as Andy Warhol (1928–1987). Uniting all aspects, media, and periods of Warhol’s career, this exhibition will provide an historic opportunity to better comprehend the work of the most American of artists. The presentation will illuminate the breadth and depth of the artist’s production: from his beginnings as a commercial illustrator in the 1950s, to his iconic Pop masterpieces of the early 1960s, to the experimental work in film and other mediums from the 1960s and '70s, to his innovative use of readymade abstraction and the painterly sublime in the 1980s. Building on the wealth of new research and materials that have come to light since the artist’s untimely death, this exhibition reveals new complexities about the Warhol we think we know, and introduces a Warhol for the 21st century.

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