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Tues, Aug 27, 2013

THE MUSEUM galleries, store, cafe, AND restaurant ARE CLOSED ON TUESDAYS.


A sketch for Edward Hopper's painting, Nighthawks.
May 23–Oct 6, 2013
A black-and-white photograph by Nicholas Nixon. A woman touches the face of a younger man
Apr 25–Sep 1, 2013
A still from David Hockney's panoramic installation depicting jugglers against a red and blue backdrop.
May 23–Sep 1, 2013
An abstract image by Nick Mauss. Strong black vertical stripes, with thin stripes forming a grid
Aug 22–Dec 1, 2013
A pop still life of a bowl of fruit by Roy Lichtenstein
Dec 22, 2012–Jun 29, 2014
A poster that reads, "Who's afraid of the New Now?"
Jun 13, 2013–Feb 23, 2014