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Artist’s Choice: Tom Thayer

May 5, 2012

Tom Thayer works with families in the studio, 2012. Photograph by Desi Gonzalez

For the Biennial 2012 exhibition, artist Tom Thayer presented a mixed media installation including paintings, outmoded technologies, and handmade puppets. During performances, puppets were brought to life, and fragile contraptions hanging silently overhead became musical instruments. For the workshop, Thayer showed families his installation and discussed his influences. Thayer’s work is inspired by many things including the low-tech puppets on kid’s television in the seventies and his experiences as an art teacher. His work has an amateurish style which borrows elements from both low and high culture. Families joined the artist to create their own puppets starting with a dowel. Guided by Thayer, families added materials such as buttons, wire, and fabric to create their own characters. Parents and kids were challenged to think about which parts of their puppets would move or not move. 

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