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Artist’s Choice: Dawn Kasper

April 21, 2012

Dawn Kasper discusses her work with families in the galleries, April 2012. Photograph by Sean Carroll

Biennial 2012 artist, Dawn Kasper lost her job in 2008 and could no longer afford her studio, so she began the Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment (2008-). As of February 8, 2012, a space in the third floor galleries of the Whitney became her studio during exhibition hours. Families joined Kasper to explore the space, picking things up and asking questions about what they found. Kasper discussed the process of collecting and creating order in her studio by sorting items according to color, shape, or size. As an example, she asked families to each find something yellow and bring it to the center of the room. Using materials from Kasper’s studio and inspired by some of Kasper’s two-dimensional work, families created collages which used some of the ordering techniques they had talked about.