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Sketching Tour: Transforming Objects

Siblings draw together at a family program during the Whitney Biennial, May 2014. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Family Tours 

Sketching Tour: Transforming Objects

Sat, July 26, 2014  10:30–11:30 AM

For families with kids ages 6–10

Join us to explore Jeff Koons: A Retrospective through drawing! Look closely at works of art and create experimental sketches inspired by Koons’s process.

$10 per family (free for Family Series members or Friend-level members and higher). Registration is recommended.

Alexander CalderCalder’s Circus, 1926–3183.36.1-95
John SloanThe Picnic Grounds, 1906–0741.34
Robert RauschenbergYoicks, 195371.210
Thomas Hart BentonThe Lord is My Shepherd, 192631.100
Charles SimondsDwellings, 198181.11a-c
Joel SternfeldWet ’n Wild Aquatic Theme Park, Orlando, Florida, September 1980, 1980 (printed 1984)2000.3
Peter HujarDavid Wojnarowicz, 198193.76
Robert RymanBoundary, Box 7, 19902002.264a-e
Hans HofmannMagenta and Blue, 195050.20
Vito AcconciHands Down/Side by Side, 196992.12
Ben ShahnThe Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1931–3249.22
Jay DeFeoThe Rose, 1958–6695.170
Gerald MurphyCocktail, 192795.188
Fred TomaselliGravity’s Rainbow (Large), 19992000.9a-e
Stephen DeanPulse, 20012002.140
Edward HopperArtist’s ledger—Book III, 1924–6796.210a-hhhh
Lyonel FeiningerGelmeroda, VIII, 192153.38
Alexander CalderFanni, the Belly Dancer, from Calder’s Circus, 1926–3183.36.24a-d

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See Eleven Whitney Works on Billboards, buses, and trains

Art Everywhere US will transform outdoor advertising spaces into a free, open-air art gallery across the country.


Kids draw together at a family program during the Whitney Biennial, May 2014. Photograph by Filip Wolak
Family Tours
10:30–11:30 AM
Jeff Koons, Lobster, 2003. Polychromed aluminum and coated steel chain; 57 7⁄8 x 37 × 17 1⁄8 in. (147 × 94 × 43.5 cm). Collection of the artist. © Jeff Koons
Free Events
11:30 AM–2:30 PM
Jeff Koons, Gazing Ball (Belvedere Torso), 2013. Plaster and glass; 71 1⁄2 x 29 7⁄8 x 35 1⁄8 in. (181.6 × 75.9 × 89.2 cm). Private collection
Member Events: Learning Series Members in the Curate Your Own Program
5:30–7 PM
Jeff Koons, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, 1988. Porcelain; 42 × 70 1⁄2 x 32 1⁄2 in. (106.7 × 179.1 × 82.6 cm). Private collection. © Jeff Koons
Member Events: Patron, Circle, Fellow, Sponsor, and Contemporaries members.
7 PM

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