Forrest Nash: "when we talk about negotiating with an artist and the artist's agency in terms of who can do what, there's just a changing relationship between a viewer and an art work that makes it no longer appropriate to dictate how people interact with an artwork"
I think the issue is not about dictating a relationship to the artwork. It is really a question of who (artist, curator, audience) shapes the context and the means by which a work is understood. Art audiences are generally interested in the artist's intentions, even they ultimately seek to subvert those intentions.
So then, as far as the contested space of the museum, the question becomes how far will the museum go in accommodating that subversion of the artist's intent.
I'm not so concerned about an individual artist's intent. So many influences and social/historical factors are involved in the making of a work that it can hardly be called the product of one person's genius. I'm concerned about art being subverted as a whole.