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João Enxuto: "these technologies that we're talking about are deployed within the museum through corporate funding, and also the tools that we use--if we want to engage a public--are tools of quantification. So, if there is to be a partnership there needs to be more a equitable one."
Forrest Nash: "getting too invested in the specifics of where we happen to be in this particular moment isn't necessarily something we need to problematize because they're all going to be obviated by inevitable march forward"
This was fun. I like the whitney cos its crazy. Ppl were chill and it was mellow andreally like informative :::::)))))
Mendi and Keith Obadike: "we work from a proverb, 'you cannot view a masquerade by standing in one place' "
AR in the museum space seems like interesting means of questioning institutional authority.
Other issue of AR artworks in the museum is that due to copyrights some institutions simply ban mobile devices so if an artist showing at the museum has an AR work a means of permitting mobile devices in the museum space must be negotiated. Becomes more complicated if that AR artwork is not officially recognized/invited by museum.

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