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Greetings, #SharedSpaces attendees: Here's a copy of the short talk on #MuseumSelfies I gave at last week's event. This brief talk was intended to ask some initial questions about how we might consider the role of the 'selfie' more broadly within the context of the art institution. It was clearly written to be spoken aloud to a room full of people (including many of my colleagues and co-workers!); I am considering expanding it in the near future to give it a more thorough theoretical grounding. Thanks for joining us at the Whitney on 1/14!
I've uploaded my full .pptx presentation to my website: Direct Tiny link to 133MB .pptx: Would love to see others' too!
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I think in retrospect, my one regret about the after talk discussion, was that we didn't gravitate to the interesting larger issues of what it means for the physical museum to be at the intersection of network economies and virtual space. Given that there are older long term continuing issues, we should b talking about what might b the new ones... (raised performatively, so nicely in the presentations)
People really seem to be using twitter for this discussion instead of this space--interesting! I am following both.
Social Media, new media art is somewhat a site, time and tech-able specific art within an institution. When it loses actual mobility to travel and get to be shown elsewhere, the viewers who have informed, are able to travel and gear with tech-able equipments will be able to experience holistically. It is a creation of another class and redefining high and low culture.

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