People walking in dusty field


Combination of 3D abstract and graffiti art


Gun trigger

Puppies Puppies

Man appears to be discussing piece of art with woman

Asad Raza

Abstract white sculpture hanging in a corner

Kaari Upson

Figure with images projected on face standing against red background

Tommy Hartung

List of twelve months with occult names

Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Grassy landscape with two cacti and large animal skull

Sky Hopinka

Portrait of a woman and a young boy in a living room

Deana Lawson

Film crew working in tornado-like storm

An-My Lê

Street crowded with people, woman in foreground smoking cigarette

Leigh Ledare

surreal landscape with stone monoliths

Jo Baer

Man standing at desk point to computer

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer

Figures emitting light from various orifices

Tala Madani

Painting of a man grilling meat

Henry Taylor

Staircase between terraces at the Whitney

Zarouhie Abdalian

oversized, sculptural chair

Jessi Reaves

Cube-shaped steel sculpture

Park McArthur

A grid made from wood

Matt Browning

Jordan Wolfson

Overhead view of round dining tables

Samara Golden

Sticker with white words on window pane

Casey Gollan and Victoria Sobel

Word "Jugoexport" superimposed over image of snakes

Irena Haiduk

Photograph of Harris in bed with Caravaggio poster in background

Lyle Ashton Harris

Deformed mannequin-like figures climbing ropes hanging from ceiling

Ajay Kurian

Mannequin with cone shaped head covered in pieces of cloth

Raúl de Nieves

Various artworks inside wooden compartments

Occupy Museums

Grid-like structure of objects hung on wall

Pope.L aka William Pope.L

Sculptures of legs supporting works of art

John Riepenhoff

Desks in a classroom

Chemi Rosado-Seijo

Abstract painting in orange, blue, and green

Dana Schutz

Drawing of the book Censorship Now

Frances Stark

Abstract painting in pink, brown, and black

Torey Thornton

Photograph of portrait hanging on an abandoned building wall

John Divola

Oto Gillen

Mixed media piece with various objects and LCD screen

Jon Kessler

Abstract painting in black, blue, and shades of red

Carrie Moyer

Large boat in tropical setting

Tuan Andrew Nguyen

Two people reading the newspaper on a couch

Aliza Nisenbaum

Fence obscuring view of field


Girls dancing outside liquor store

Maya Stovall

Gloved hands slicing flower petals in petri dish

Anicka Yi

Head floating in room with green windows

Julien Nguyen

Kamasi Washington playing saxophone on stage

Kamasi Washington

semi-abstract landscape in bright green, orange, and red

Shara Hughes

Overhead view of six red cubes on terrace

Larry Bell

A grid, made from wood, collapsed

Matt Browning

Piece of tree trunk on a wrought-iron bar in gridded base

Harold Mendez

Abstract piece in red, black, white, and gray

Ulrike Müller

Black banners with text and an eye being stabbed by a pencil

Cauleen Smith

Image of a signed agreement

Cameron Rowland

Overhead shot of carbonless paper on top of box

Aaron Flint Jamison

White building and evergreen tree in arid landscape

Basma Alsharif

View of sprawling city from a hill

Eric Baudelaire

Unmade bed with blue checkered sheets

Robert Beavers

Woman taking hearing test

Kevin Jerome Everson

Woman about to put a rock in her mouth

Dani Leventhal

Young man holding electronic device

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

collage of black, white, grey, and metallic images

Leslie Thornton and James Richards

Leilah Weinraub

Hooded figure with shadowed face

James N. Kienitz Wilkins

Hazy view of trees and a small flame along lakeshore

Mary Helena Clark

Piece of tree trunk on a wrought-iron bar in gridded base

Harold Mendez

Esparza standing over fire in dirt trench

Rafa Esparza

Cube-shaped steel sculpture

Park McArthur

Susan Cianciolo

Black banners with text and an eye being stabbed by a pencil

Cauleen Smith