Founded 2002; based in New York, New York

The Wrong Gallery— a tiny, yet influential presence in New York's Chelsea gallery district— consisted initially of nothing more than a glass door, always locked, with one square foot of exhibition space behind it. Founded by artist Maurizio Cattelan, curator and art critic Massimiliano Gioni, and writer and curator Ali Subotnick, the gallery does not represent artists or buy and sell artwork. Rather, it serves as an incubator for artistic experimentation, inviting a range of artists to create site-specific works within its space or to participate in a variety of interventions within the art world.


Down by Law, curated by the Wrong Gallery with Cecilia Alemani and Jenny Moore, includes work by more than forty artists, including several artworks from the Whitney's permanent collection. more about this artist in the Biennial Catalogue

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The Wrong Gallery, 516AŻ West 20th Street, New York