Born 1930, Lakewood, Ohio; lives in Paris, France

Sturtevant's work centers on questions of authorship, authenticity, and the ways art acquires meaning through institutional contextualization, criticism, and market valuation. Since the 1960s, she has meticulously re-created works by other artists, ranging from Pop stalwarts such as Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol to Robert Gober, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and Paul McCarthy. These projects have included repeating Johns's iconic Flag (196566) and reconstituting, in its entirety, Oldenburg's Store (1967). Warhol in particular recognized the collaborative rather than appropriative basis of her approach and even gave her one of his Flower silkscreens to use in creating her own canvases. When later quizzed about his own painting techniques, Warhol deadpanned: "I don't know. Ask [Sturtevant]."

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Push & Shove, 2005 (installation view, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York)