Founded 2003; based in Port-of-Spain, in San Francisco, California

Every Thursday evening since early 2003, in the garagelike studio behind the Caribbean Contemporary Arts, a former rum factory in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Peter Doig and Che Lovelace have been presenting free screenings of movies they enjoy— from obscure international art-house films and classics of world cinema such as François Truffaut's La nuit Américaine (Day for Night) (1973) to Hollywood anomalies such as David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986). American-style multiplex theaters showing blockbuster movies are beginning to infiltrate the cinema life of Trinidad, and Doig and Lovelace's passion is to reinvigorate the rich film culture of the island with weekly detours from the mass entertainment agenda. Studio Film Club's diverse, improvised program offers a refreshing, unpretentious, and hybrid conversation between art and life, cinema and social interaction.

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Peter Doig, Day for Night, 2005. Oil on paper, 33 x 23½ in. (84 x 59.7 cm). Private collection; courtesy Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin