Born 1973, New York, New York; lives in Brooklyn, New York

Gedi Sibony's allusive sculptures are delicately constructed out of fragments of the built environment. His arrangements of assorted detritus— pieces of colored carpet, plywood, and contractor bags— are often audacious in their sparsity and evocative in their spatial composition. With a careful attention to material, color, and form, Sibony's work consistently engages the viewer in a physical recognition of the surrounding space and an awareness of the processes of construction. His installations take on a narrative quality as we move among the sculptures, reading their relationships to each other and to the architecture.

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The Qualities Depend on Other Qualities, 2004 (installation view, Canada, New York). Sticks, carpet, vinyl, wood filler, medium density fiberboard, hollow-core door, and cardboard, dimensions variable. Collections of Carol and Arthur Goldberg, and Greg Miller