Born 1972, Boulogne, France; lives in New York, New York

Marie Losier's work is steeped in cinephilia. In early videos, she inserted herself into appropriated movie classics, performing the titular role of Carl Theodor Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) and as the Elliott Gould character in Ingmar Bergman's The Touch (1971). Her penchant for camp theatricality, extravagant dress-up, and the glamour cinema's early years is also evident in a group of prints and photographs in which she assumes the identity of a fictional silent film star named Loula Nasaroff. Losier's more recent films form a series of whimsically idiosyncratic portraits of such underground luminaries as George Kuchar, Mike Kuchar, and Richard Foreman.

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Still from The Ontological Cowboy, 2005. 16mm film, black-and-white and color, sound; 13 min.