Born 1976, Stockholm, Sweden; lives in New York, New York

In Hanna Liden's photographs, figures with their faces obscured populate wide and desolate landscapes. The sky is almost always gray, giving the photographs a flatness that causes the stunning Scandinavian landscapes against which the figures are posed to look equally staged. Invoking the iconography of pagan rituals, the figures are either hooded or wear masks— death's-heads or gargoyles, which the artist makes herself. However, except for their masks, they look strangely normal; they wear jeans and sneakers or, when portrayed nude, their bodies are white and soft. Liden slyly acknowledges this incongruity: in one snowy forest scene, Bus Stop (2002), a shadowy figure waits by a bus stop that looks completely out of place within the striking chiaroscuro effect of the white snow on the dark trees.


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Swamp Walkers II, 2005. Chromogenic color print, 30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy Rivington Arms, New York