Born 1976, St. Louis, Missouri; lives in Brooklyn, New York

In his triple capacities as filmmaker, programmer, and archivist, Andrew Lampert engages film as a tactile, proximate entity to be handled with delicacy and care. Against the production and exhibition of the moving image as large-scale spectacle for mass consumption, Lampert is devoted to small-gauge cinema (16mm, Super 8), fragile forms (home movies, found footage), and the most intimate contexts for presentation. For Plastic Man (2004) is an 8mm "projector performance" intended for an audience of one; after receiving a personal invitation, the lone spectator experiences the work in the privacy of Lampert's apartment, where the artist oversees the projection and sound.

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Still from Varieties of Slow, 2005. Triple-projection film and performance, dimensions variable. Courtesy Public Opinion Laboratory, New York