with Laura Kurgan, Daniel Perlin, Eric Schuldenfrei, Howard Huang, Aaron Forrest and Diego Rotalde and other intelligent creatures

Jeremijenko: Born 1966, Mackay, Australia; lives in New York, New York, and San Diego, California; Bureau of Inverse Technology: Founded 1991 Natalie Jeremijenko uses new technologies in her art to develop alternative possibilities for the technological future and an institutional critique aimed at demonstrating the powerful role of technology in contemporary life: scripting our actions, directing our attention, and dramatizing our lives. In large-scale public experiments, "spectacles of participation," and video and media installations, she employs robotics, genetic engineering, and digital, electromechanical, and interactive systems to visualize data and facilitate natural systems (rather than virtual ones). Her devices are characterized by an "architecture of reciprocity," in contrast to technologies that further surveillance and asymmetrical power and control.

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Goosing_ 7714: a folorn leda [robotic goose 5.6] piloted by humans ashore experiences social rejection from her biological counterparts from OOZ Goose translation database, February 15, 2004. Robotic goose, goose control system, uncaged feral geese in urban setting, and database of annotated audio and video clips, using php scripting, MySQL database on Apache webserver, dimensions variable. Collection De Verbeelding art landscape nature, the Netherlands